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Halloween Throwback

Three weeks into November I’m doing a throwback to Halloween because October 31 was an unfortunate fast forward to January’s weather and we got shorted on enjoying the autumnal afterglow.  And I am still as disgruntled as the gal below who had to deal with her broom icing up!

“On Halloween?!?!” croaked the disgruntled old witch as she surveyed her favorite haunt with dismay.

No, we didn’t go trick or treating like we did for many years. We were curled up in our jammies eating Halloweenies and Jack-o’lantern pizzas and sipping Witches Brew wine while watching Hocus Pocus.

It’s not easy for me to let go of my favorite holiday. It never lasts long enough. So I drag it over into November. Then the rest of the month is about Thanksgiving. The tree always waits until December. For me, November is autumn...until the day after Thanksgiving when Christmas might be making a few small appearances!

 My pumpkin harvest had to be moved indoors to save them from winter’s icy appearance.

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