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So much Halloween, so little time!

Hello!  This is the first post in my section of the shop blogs, Yvonne’s Garden.  I’m Yvonne, aka Shopmom, and I am excited to share my interests here.  The blog won’t just be about gardening, although that will be part of it, but the garden is rather a metaphor for all the things I have grown and made beautiful in my life.

One of my favorite things is Halloween, and it unfortunately is such a fleeting time—how did it get to be the end of October?  I had many blog posts planned but time ran out.  But I wanted to make sure I shared a bit about it this week.  Amber and I have always loved it, as evidenced by the above photo of two sweet little witches!  Halloween has inspired much of my creativity and creative projects I will write about more soon...two books, a screenplay, a 60 second commercial, songs, board games, poems and artwork!

One of my earliest publications was when my poem, “Visions of Halloween” was published in The Ann Arbor News in 1984!  This was a few years before my first book was published.

What visions will you see in the dark on this Halloween??

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